Dickson had a rough start in the race... he "trotted" out of the gate and ran after the girl dawg that he had dinner with (bobbing for Viennas). Then once he caught on... he made a run for it! (Notice the one dawg who placed third. He stopped right before the finish line. He was scared of all the people screaming for their own dogs.) It was so darn cute and funny! Well at least Poopsie made the papers and he made the News on Channel 3 KTVK. If you want to see another race click here. It is so cute... the one who is the winner for sure and way ahead of the others.... decides to stop and run back to get the other dogs. Ended up being third. Another dog ran past the finish line and kept on going... the owner had to run after him! It was very hysterical!! Thanks to Cyndi, Marc, Steve, Donna, Fred, Sylvia, Lisa & hubby, Robert and Helena, and all of the wonderful kids who came to see Poopsie's Racing Debut! We love you all!!! And thanks for those who were so generous in your donations that benefited the Adopt a Greyhound Organization. With your help they raised $20,000 !